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Soho Car Services Terms and Conditions of Trading

1. (i) All business undertaken including any advice, information and service provide whether gratuitously or not by SCS (“The Company”) is transacted subject to these condition which shall be deemed to be incorporated into any agreement be incorporated into any agreement between the company and any other person, firm or corporation (“The Customer“) for the carriage of goods, parcel or passenger.

1. (ii) To ensure authorised use of the account we will require from the customer a list of named authorised persons and password. Any changes must be notified immediately otherwise the Company will no be responsible for any unauthorised usage.

2. (i) The amount of money included as due from the customer to the Company on all invoices sent by the Company to the Customer shall be paid by the Customer to the Company with in 21 days from the date of such invoice.

2. (ii) All accounts are subject to 15% service charge, which will be added to the monthly invoice.

2. (iii) If payment is not made in accordance with paragraph 2(I) & 2 (ii) any outstanding amount of money shall bear interest at the rate of 2% per calendar month.

3. (i) In the event of any loss or damage to or caused by any goods consigned by the Customer to the Company (“The consigned goods”) or any consequential loss arising from the late or miss-delivery thereof as a result of any act or omission of the Company its servants, agents or sub contractors the maximum liability of the Company (Whether to the Company or any third party) in respect thereof shall be £200. The safe keeping of any consigned goods is the responsibility of the Customer for goods that exceed the value of £100 unless prior knowledge is received in writing. Consigned goods exceeding the value of £ 200 should be carried by security vehicle if compensation is required in the event of loss or damage. All claims must be submitted, in writing, within seven days of despatch.         

3. (ii) The Quentin of damages payable by the Company under paragraph 3(I) shall be limited to the intrinsic value of the materials, comprising the consigned goods and shall not include criteria, such as by way of illustration and limitation, any artistic value.

3. (iii) The Company shall be in no way responsible for the deterioration of any consigned goods unless the customer has informed the Company that such goods are likely to deteriorate and the Customer has required delivery thereof within a specific time and the Company has failed so to deliver the consigned goods.

4. (i) Notwithstanding that the Company has entered into an agreement with the customer in respect of consigned goods the Company shall be entitled to rescind such agreement unilaterally without payment of any damages if in the reasonable opinion of the Company the consigned goods are illegal, dangerous, noxious, hazardous, inflammable or explosive and the Customer has not made specific arrangements with the Company for the carriage thereof.

4. (ii) The Company shall be entitled to destroy any such goods referred to in paragraph 4(I) if in the Company's reasonable opinion it is proper to do so.

5. All consigned goods and documents relating to such goods shall be subject to a particular and general lien for monies due to the Company from the Customer. If monies in respect of which such lien is exercised are not paid within one month to the person from whom monies are due, such goods may be sold by the Company at the expense of the Customer and the net proceeds therefrom applied in or towards satisfaction of such monies due.

6. (i) If through the fault of the customer the Company is unable to deliver consigned goods the Company shall be entitled to return  such goods to the premises of the Customer and charge the Customer for doing so at the company’s prevailing rates. Consigned   goods will be delivered to a neighbour (if considered safe) if delivery is not possible, unless specific instructions are given to the contrary. All consigned goods are delivered in good faith. Any redirection of delivery given at the destination will be carried out with speed of transaction being of utmost importance unless specific instruction is given to the contrary.

6. (ii) Without limitation fault of the Customer shall include faulty or erroneous instructions given by the Customer to the Company in respect of the place for delivery of the consigned goods. The Company is only responsible for instruction given at the time of booking and not for further instruction relayed to the driver/rider.

7. Notwithstanding any thing contained in these conditions the Company shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage non-delivery, mis-delivery, delay in delivery of the consigned goods, death or injury arising from:

(i) any act or omission on behalf of the Customer

(ii) any inherent defect in the consigned goods                                                                     

(iii) circumstances which the Company could not reasonably avoid and the consequences of which the Company was unable to prevent including but not by way of limitation Act of God; any consequences of war invasion; act of foreign enemy; hostilities (Whether war be declared or not); civil war; military rebellion or damage to property by or upon the order of or in the name of any Government or public or local authority; riot; civil commotion, lock out; strike whether official or not; extreme weather conditions.

(iv) The handling, loading, storage or unloading of the consigned goods by the Customer.

8. Subject to any liability of the Company arising under paragraph 3 (i) the Customer hereby undertakes to indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all cost, claim and expenses however arising in connection with the consigned goods.

9. Any notice given under these conditions shall be well and efficiently given if left at or sent by first class post pre-paid post to any address given by the Customer to the Company. Any notice shall be deemed to have been well and sufficiently given if sent by post when posted. The Customer hereby undertakes to indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all cost, claims and expenses against the Company howsoever arising in connection with the consigned goods unless the Company shall be liable under paragraph 3.

10. The first five minutes waiting time is free beyond which the entire period becomes chargeable at the minute rate. Cancellations other than bookings cancelled two hour before the pick up time will be charged at the minimum rate.                                    


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